Eva Krysiak

is an award winning audio producer in London. She makes podcasts, documentaries
& soundscapes for toilets.

In Search of Black History - With Bonnie Greer

Bonnie Greer uncovers the lives of people of African descent that don’t fit with the accepted history taught by Western Civilisations. From saints, to philosophers, to warrior women and king’s heralds, these subjects’ stories are brought to life in an imaginative eight part series. Made with production company Chalk & Blade.

Episode 1 - Prehistory. Bones Do Not Lie

We go back 300,000 years to meet our earliest human ancestors, and talk to the archaeologists uncovering the untold stories of modern human origins.  Bonnie looks at the changing face of one of the earliest Europeans, and at how he is also changing our understanding of race.

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Design and Development: Studio Lowrie and Arnas Ziedavicius