Eva Krysiak

is an award winning audio producer in London. She makes podcasts, documentaries
& soundscapes for toilets.

Down To Earth

'Down To Earth' is a podcast for the award-winning environmental charity Hubbub. The series passes the mic to grassroots activists, communities and people that are working hard and making big changes for their neighbours and for the planet. Made with production company Boom Shakalaka.

A neighbourhood fridge: Why sharing food is knitting communities together

How can we make the most of our food?

In this episode Sarah explores how we can reduce the 300,000 tonnes of food waste that's thrown away every year in the UK and support local communities at the same time. One answer is community fridges.

She meets Shanthi Priyalatha, who runs the High Wycombe community fridge which redistributes surplus food to their neighbours. We also hear from Catherine Dishington, Food Policy officer at the Co-op.

Design and Development: Studio Lowrie and Arnas Ziedavicius